Maturing in Christ
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Have you ever wondered how some Christians seem to have a closer relationship with God than others? I had that same experience. As a young man, I wondered how do they do it? Sometimes I felt there is no way for me to have the revelation as others or feel as close as they did.  I knew in my head that God wanted me to be closer, but I just thought it was too hard to grasp. I had not lived a very Godly life in my younger years so, I used that as an excuse for not maturing in Christ.

The truth is I just didn’t know-how. Looking back now on my life as a 75-year-old man who accepted Jesus as my savior 52+ years ago I am now convinced that God does not restrict His children from growing into mature Christian disciples.

My experience as an elder, Bible teacher, evangelistic follower of Jesus, and in full-time ministry for the last 15+ years has taught me that it isn’t hard to mature in Christ if that is your true desire. I found the study of the Word, Holy Spirit’s guidance, coaching, mentorship, and my God encounter experiences can be the same for anyone.

Even though I have developed hundreds of lesson guides, Christian training manuals, and sermons, my intention has never been to write a full study guide like this. Only after having several requests of students and a couple unexpected requests from people I barely knew was I prompted by Holy Spirit to write a book.

My intent is to help individuals and / or small groups to find maturing in Christ easier than they had thought possible. Being prepared in this life as well as making ourselves ready as the bride of Christ for all eternity. from time to time, in this blog, I will share excerpts from it and quotes from Christian leaders who have supported my relationship with Jesus.

My prayer:
“Father, I’m not asking you to add time to my life.
I’m asking that you add life to my time. That you will be glorified.”

T. Austin Sparks (For additional support in our maturing in Christ see the following websites):

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