Revisiting the Wells
Pastor Paul / Jan 19th, 2022 10:42 am     A+ | a-
Every New Year for as long as I can remember I have used the month of January to reset my attention on the LORD with intentionality. This year is no different, the old has gone and the new has come in the natural, 2021 to 2022 as well as in the spiritual regarding the eternal truth for who we are in Christ. This reset leads me to examine previous truths that the LORD established in my life. I picture these truths as freshwater wells. 

Fresh and clean water is necessary to sustain life and scripture records that a well was dug by Abraham for every location the LORD sent him. In that location the LORD revealed Himself in a new way to Abraham. The location became an anchor point in Abraham’s life identified by the well that was dug. He and future generations then could revisit that well to draw life sustaining water benefitting everyone who drew from the water in the natural and satisfying the spiritual thirst of those who drew from the well in faith accessing the same truth revealed to Abraham (Gen 26, John 4:5-6). 

Therefore, I ask the questions what wells do I have access to that others have dug and what wells have been dug in my life? As I do this, I see wells that look like ones from an old country setting that has cut stone built around the opening of the well with a bucket available to lower into the well. 

As I picture this well, my imagination is activated. I think about the well. I remember the quality of the water in the well. My observations often stir feelings of gratitude as I am filled with the memories of what God has done in my life. They also stir my faith for when I remember what God has done, my spirit tells me, “God, my Father, will do it again.” At times I wonder why I have not visited for a while. As I drink from the well, refreshment fills my soul as it did when I first tasted the water drawn from it. 

This month, I encourage you to join me using Genesis 26:12-25 and ask the LORD to walk with you examining those wells that He dug for you. Revisit the encounters that you have had with the LORD. Review the nuggets of truth that you came to discover. Remind yourself of the deep work that the Spirit of God has done in your life and in your families. Cherish the relationships that you have and ask the LORD to show you even more blessings that the wells you visit have for you today. 

These wells will nourish your soul.  Coming up . . . The well of hearing the voice of the Shepherd, John 10:27
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