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In the 50+ years I have been teaching and pastoring, one of these two general questions seems to be asked of me quite often, in one form or another. “How can I live the fullness of Life given to me by God through Jesus Christ?” and “Where can I find biblical support to discover more about the spiritual life?”
This is my simple answer to these complex questions:

The bible speaks of the person of Holy Spirit. In the book of John chapters 14-16, we see Holy Spirit will give each one of us a perfect way to live and discover God’s will and ways. Holy Spirit is the one who will be in us, beside us, guide us, reveal all truth to us, remind us of the teaching of Jesus, give us power and authority. WOW God has provided all we need. 2Pet. 1:3
I listed some of the greatest support for bible students found online that are free. The first site is massive and not hard to follow or search. This site alone will satisfy your research needs as well as cut-and-paste for almost all their resource materials. Try all these sites and You will be amazed at the support you will get in pursuing God’s plan for you to live a full life of meaning and joy.
#7 is one of my favorite sites. It is one that I use to research what men of God in the past (and some present) have preached on in areas that I desire more information on. It is not a good cut-and-paste site. If you like to hear some of the deepest preaching (like “Refiner’s Fire”) this is the site for that.
1.   World Wide Study Bible 
(Calvin College)
2. Topical Bible
3. A very popular bible search site
4. ESV Bible    
5. YouVersion 
(Best with Apple and Android devices)       
6. E-sword bible gives you the Strong’s meaning within the bible text and great for study & cut/paste
7. Thousands of great sermons (can search by person, topic)
Great insight for the ages!
8. For those who are probing some of today’s more challenging spiritual concepts try these sites. Avoid “new age” But don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.
(Short version of above is on TED talks YouTube below)
(Caroline Leaf lecture “rewiring your brain”)
(Steven Barr on “myth of conflict in religion”)

As you do your research and have questions and interesting comments please share those with me and the others who follow the Trinity blog site. I know Pastors Paul, Eric, and I would be happy to address any question you have in your pursuit of truth and fullness of life.
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