The Kingdom Kids Effect
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“I serve with these kids each Sunday morning not just because I love kids (although I do) or because the church needs volunteers (although it does), but because serving allows me to participate in the mission of the church, increases my own faith and is preparing me for the future.” -Kinsey Owen
More Sunday mornings than not, you will find me either cleaning up toys in the church Nursery, building Lego towers with a handful of kids by the Check-In desk, or doing some last-minute preparations for that week’s lesson in Sunday school. I have always loved being surrounded by children. So to me, it made sense to become involved in the ministry of Kingdom Kids. However, as I have continued to make myself available to what the Lord wants me to do, He continues to reveal to me the treasures that come by serving our children and families at Trinity.
Creating Disciple-Making Relationships
Serving in Kingdom Kids is not a babysitting job. It is a position in which we are entrusted to raise up new generations of disciples who love Jesus and make more disciples…who make more disciples, who make more disciples. Kingdom Kids gives us the opportunity to love the children and families who walk through our doors unconditionally, just like Christ loved us first.
Deepening Our Faith
I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been humbled by the childlike faith of the kids who sit in my classroom on a Sunday morning. By surrounding myself with kids who are hungry to know more about the heart of the Lord, I too end up growing closer to Him.
Growing In the Fruits of the Spirit
Any parent will tell you, working with children requires patience! The Holy Spirit continues to grow His patience in my life, not only with children but with myself! He challenges me to love more, be more self-controlled, gentle, kind, and faithful toward families, volunteers, and children. In the end, all of childrens ministry is about loving children well - not simply creating a great program.
Living a Prayerful Life
As we encourage children to pray in class, I am reminded to pray for them. I create an environment of prayer that challenges me beyond the Sunday morning classroom. Each week I am teaching, I pray over lessons and activities that will be anointed by the Holy Spirit to have an impact on the students I am serving. 
As followers of Christ, we are called to be His hands and feet on this earth. We walk this out in many ways, but my way of obeying Jesus also includes loving the children through Kingdom Kids. We love, listen to, and encourage children every week . . . And what better way to invest in the Kingdom of God than to bless the generations represented in Kingdom Kids!
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