Reconciling Our Life to The Word of God
Pastor Harry / Mar 27th, 2020 9:43 am     A+ | a-
Reconciling Our Life to The Word of God
(In light of the days we are now living in)
So often we try to reconcile the word of God to the way we live. However, I believe the wise children of God should focus more on how we reconcile our lives to the word. It may seem similar but in fact it is miles apart.
If we are to trust in every word that proceeds from the throne of God and walk in the peace of His authority it will become imperative to read the word, understand the word and mostly live His word. As Pastor Paul and I have shared from the pulpit there is Logos, Rhema & Zoe of the word.
  • Logos is the bible, black on white head knowledge and solid truth of the word. This means the word we can stand on as a rock because Jesus is The Rock & the word.
  • Rhema is the Holy Spirit enlightened revelation of the word in our spirit man (hearts). The rhema of the word is where we say, “I know in my knower it is the word and path I will accept.”
  • The Zoe of the word is where we not only stand on as truth or Know it deep within our spirit but now, we live it. The scriptures speak of us being living epistles known and read of all man. (see 2 Cor. 3:1-3)
Perhaps now more than in the last several years (since 9/11) we are to look to the word for the rock, sense and a way of life that will align us (reconcile us) with God’s word and plan for our good and those around us.
You may ask “is harry saying we need to blow the trumpet to the world.” As in blowing the trumpet in Zion. (See Joel 2:1-15) Here is what I am saying... “we are the children of God. The light to this fallen world and the salt of the earth. We should have been and even now be the voice of the kingdom of God in truth, spirit & action. You see the correlation in Logos, Rhema & Zoe. Living a Godly life, openly, before all mankind IS our light, salt & way of life that will change the world where we live. Don’t put it under a bushel.
Listen to me... When we are in the heart of God our Father, we have nothing to fear. Not tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword.  Or virus... (read Rom. 8:26-38) over and over as needed until it sinks in deep enough that it will come out as LIVING.
I have much to say in this blog. More than I can write at this time. I believe you who read this are sons & daughters of God and will agree that God has given us a great opportunity to speak truth of His kingdom. For such a time as this the eyes of man may be opened to the beauty of the love and protection of Jesus Christ the champion over all thing that could harm us. The book of revelation is all about a war between God (good) and satan (evil). You already know who wins.
I am so proud, in a good way, of the Trinity family. Let us continue to look UP to the mountains and higher where “Our God Reigns!”
Praise be to God our creator, sustainer and savior.
Pastor Harry
(Note 1: take some time to look up scriptures that reveal god’s protection)
(Note 2: Of course, we must be sensible about caring for ourselves and other but after we have done what we can do, trust God and STAND!)
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